Access Control

Being a Paxton 'Gold Standard accredited installer' we understand and appreciate the need for staff and property to be protected. Access control provides an efficient and convenient way of providing security and overcomes problems associated with traditional systems, such as damaged or forced locks, lost keys or keyholders not available, requiring locksmiths, downtime, cost and inconvenience.   

Once Access Control has been installed, ‘old-fashioned’ locks become redundant. Tokens (Fobs) are issued to control access to controlled areas with quick and easy barring of fobs should one become lost or no longer authorised. 

When installed, the Access Control system eliminates the need to lock doors as they are automatically in a locked state until a valid fob is presented. If required, doors can be set to be unlocked during set periods, only requiring the fob to access outside these times, offering you total control over access to suit your needs. 

Reports can be generated on a number of levels, such as per door, user or day and, if desired, can be easily integrated into the CCTV, and other, systems allowing visual confirmation of the usage of the doors into controlled areas. 

There are two main types of access control systems:

  • Standalone Access Control Systems are most suited to small business (Sports clubs, Storage Units etc) and can be fitted on a single door if required. Fobs are programmed (and barred) from the door itself without the requirement for a central control computer to administer the system. As additional doors are required these can be added without compromising the existing security.  

  • Computer Based Access Control Systems are suited to larger premises, or multi-site companies and allows the administration of Fobs to take place at a central location making the management of large number of Fobs an easy task. As doors are networked the programming of the doors lock times is also easily managed.