Alarm Systems

An Alarm system can help to protect your property and valuables at night or when you are away from your property. Global Security Systems are able to advise you of the best type of alarm for your specific requirements, be it hard-wired or wireless. Each system has its own advantages and no two installations are the same, so get in touch and let us advise you.  

Hard-Wired alarm systems are best used in situations where the building infrastructure would prevent a wireless alarm system from working effectively. This can be due to the materials used in the construction of the building of the size and shape of the building. 
If you already have an existing hard-wired alarm, retrofitting an updated, more capable, wired alarm systems would be a simple process as a lot of the existing wiring, or wiring routes, can be utilised resulting in a neat upgrade. 

Modern wireless alarm systems offer a secure, tamper proof, and neat solution to the need to secure your property and valuables, The operating range of wireless alarm systems has greatly improved in recent years with systems now able to easily cover outbuildings without the need to have cables routed underground etc. 
Wireless alarms offer the same range of sensors as their hard-wired equivalents including shock sensors, panic buttons, GSM diallers etc, and in many cases can be set / unset from a mobile phone 'app'