PAT testing

Every year, electrical fires cause injury and loss of property for UK business. 

Up to 25% of electrical related accidents and incidents are due to faulty portable appliances. 

The best way of minimising the risk of this is to have all of your electrical components thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe to use. 
Global Security Systems (NW) Limited will carry out these inspections for you utilising the very latest PAT testing equipment, to ensure that all of your electrical appliances are safe. 
Once tested and ‘PASSED’, a PAT testing label will be attached to the appliance with a date reminder for 12 months. Any equipment that does not pass the PAT test a FAIL label will be attached to the appliance and it will be recommended that this equipment is taken out of service. 
Testing of appliances is dependant on the appliance itself and can include some or all of the following: 
• Visual Inspection 
• Earth Continuity 
• Insulation Resistance 
• Load Test 
• Earth Leakage 
So don't delay and get in touch to book an appointment, and make it a New Years Resolution to have your equipment tested every year.