tv & sattelite systems

There are a number of solutions available to provide TV signals to properties.

We can work with Builders, Electricians, Architects and other site agents to ensure the correct solution for your type of building and specific requirements. 

Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)

 Systems which provide multiple types of signals down a single (or double) cable feed are referred to as “Integrated Reception Systems”, or “IRS” and are often used in hotels, apartments, schools, colleges, universities and hospitals. An IRS system can provide Digital Satellite, Sky, Sky+, HD Freeview, Standard Freeview, DAM and FM radio signals, as well as any analogue signal sources such as a modulated CCTV camera feed. In addition, it can also distribute locally generated digital TV channels from DVD Players etc, by means of a Digital Multiplex Generator IRS Systems have the advantages of providing all of the available signals on one convenient outlet socket on the wall without the need for an individual aerial or satellite dish. 

Master Antenna TV Systems (MATV) 
A MATV system allows multiple viewing points within the same building to be connected to a single main distribution board (Head-end) where a number of pre-decrypted channels are provided allowing viewers to watch without the need for a set-top box or subscription. 
Many Hotels operate a MATV system giving rooms a choice of a number of channels which may be received from different sources, yet distributed through a single cable to the hotel room television. 

Satellite Master Antenna TV Systems (SMATV)
A SMATV System allows satellite signals to be received at multiple viewing points. Satellite and TV signals are routed to a number of decoders, usually rack mounted, where they are then combined, and distributed in a format of your choice via a single cable feed through the installed distribution system. This type of system would allow you to integrate information channels alongside free to air and subscription channels. And, of course, if you want an aerial system fitting to your domestic property, we can do that for you as well. After all, that is how we started over 40 years ago and we are still proud of that fact.